IdentoGo ID kits provides authorities with on the spot crucial information should your child go missing or be injured away from home.

New Zealand is a great place to live and bring up a family but unfortunately children do go missing, sometimes just through wandering off in a busy shopping mall or park while we are distracted even for a moment.

Complete Personalized Kit Includes:

1 x Wallet or purse ID - keep this with you at all times so a description can be immediately handed to the authorities in the first vital minutes should your child go missing.

1 x Back Pack ID & clip - Designed to be clipped inside your child's back pack. In the event of accidents authorities regularly have to rifle through patients property for identification.

1 x Child / toddler I.C.E Silicon wrist band - slips on toddlers wrist with parents mobile number

1 x Child seat or sun visor ID Label - sticks on child's car seat or car sun visor with emergency contact details

1 x Back Pack / Zipper Tag - Attaches to outside of back pack to alert authorities of ID inside. Also can be clipped to car key ring for adults.

Adult personalized Kits can also be used in the event of a car accident, most of us have cell phones but authorities find most of these locked or miss placed in a serious accident.

Great for our elderly family members who may become disoriented away from home

All individual kits come personalized to suit your family member.

Introductory offer, free for a limited time.

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